The Type of Straight-Dealing you Have Always Wanted from the Investment Industry is Here Now

Don’t you wish you could trust investment people to be on your side instead of their own? Well now you can.

A former stock investment pro has put his money where his mouth is. His new advisory service makes sure you are paid before anyone else – and does everything possible to make sure you are paid well.

Don't know anything about investing? And because of that, it scares you? Sydney Tremayne, like every other pro, has been where you are and his service is designed to make your successful investment program as easy as investing in mutual funds. He's a genuine pro with 62 years of successful professional and private investing experience.

Mutual funds: speaking of them, are you happy with the return? For many fund holders that's around two percent. Do you already have enough put aside that two percent will provide what you'd like your retirement to look like? That's hardly keeping pace with today's low inflation never mind building any reasonable amount of savings.

Sydney's automated program has been tested over more than 45 years with average results greater than any we have seen for long-term conservative investors in investment-grade stocks. Don't you deserve more than you are getting now?

His program will change the way the investment industry does business today. Brokerage firms charge for actions; win, lose or draw the broker still gets paid. We believe we have a better idea, After the first year for which the modest fee (12-month money-back guarantee) covers group and one-on-one training and guidance, coaching, setting up your own personal discount brokerage account, weekly action steps, establishing a balanced portfolio for capital gains and dividends, you are ready for our "Results In Advance" program.

There are no fees of any kind for the first 6% you make in any year. Beyond that, we earn 20 cents on every extra dollar you make. Earn 26% (and our tests have shown considerably more than that on average) and you get to keep 22%. How's that compare with what you're getting now?

Now that's not a guarantee. Investing in stocks has its ups and downs, but our system is designed to profit whether the market rises or falls. When so many people are giving back all or part of their gains (you know what we mean) we are making additional profit as stocks sink.

There is a right time and mostly a wrong time to invest in any single stock. It's not when you have money or a hot tip. Our system chooses the right time with accuracy better than 80%  ΜΆ  twice the industry average according to published research.

There's more! Most people have better things to do than mess around with investments for hours at a time. Is that how you feel? Our system needs just a very few minutes – the time it takes each weekend to enter up to 10 prices into your online brokerage dashboard. Everything else is done for you.

At this point there are Four things you can do

1 - Sign up of our Weekly Newsletter and conference call for users of the system.

Sign up below for our weekly group information session with the developer of our one-of-a-kind profit system. Sydney Tremayne will personally answer all your questions. But there's one thing he will not do that's typical at the end of most sessions like this: he will not ask you to join us as a client; he wants that decision to be entirely yours. You want in? If the fit is right you have to ask us. No sales pitches here!

2 - Request a call back with Sydney (or one of the crew) to answer any of your questions.

These are no-BS down-to-earth sessions. Our system is not right for everyone. If that's true for you Sydney will not hesitate to tell you and explain why. You'll like him.

3 - Purchase access to our program.

If you know that you want to start now, here is the deal
       - The investment to have complete access to the program, training, weekly live training calls, is only $997.00 US for the first year.
       - At the end of the year you will move to our "Results In Advance" program, where you only pay additional fees if you make money.
       - In the Results in Advance program, the first 6% profit you make each year is yours.  We will bill you only 20% of the profit over this 6%.  Great program as if you do not make over 6% profit, you do not pay anything.

4 - View the Interview with Sydney.

 If you have not seen this free interview with Sydney you should watch.  It gives lots of information on who Sydney is, why he created the program, what the program does and much much more.


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